Site description: is home to Ustream’s official community based support team.
Tech: PHP, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, JS, Drupal, Drupal CCK, Drupal customization, phpBB, Google Custom Search, Twitter API, Twitter Bootstrap, Amazon API, IRC
Scope: Brand Identity, Copywriting, Content, Customization, Community Management, Graphics, SEO, Ad optimization, UX Design, Security Auditing and Hardening

When we took over, it was an incorrectly modified Drupal installation which was previously hacked several times. We first performed a full security audit, removing all infections, reverted to an unmodified and fully updated Drupal and phpBB installation and patched all other security vulnerabilities. We then customized the themes and styles, adding and optimizing ads to support the site, and also optimized the site and forums for SEO. This drastically increased it’s page rankings and traffic. We also customized the backend to make it easier for the Help team to use and also added post revision histories and an editorial review process which allows all help team members to edit existing posts/articles and also post new articles. They are then reviewed and approved by the editorial team before appearing live on the site.